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Bordeaux Wines: Outdoor advertising campaign awareness research


Rapport Worldwide wanted to test an outdoor campaign for their client, Bordeaux Wines; they needed to measure its impact on brand and ad awareness as well as purchase consideration. They also wanted to specifically examine awareness and perceptions of the campaign, while investigating how increased exposure has made a difference to their key brand metrics.

How did we conduct the advertising campaign awareness research?

To assess the outdoor advertising campaign, online research was conducted using our in-house panel, Panelbase. We interviewed 800 weekly users of the tube or rail (400 pre and 400 post campaign), with demographics being matched for both. They were asked various questions about their wine drinking and brand awareness.

What were the results of the advertising campaign awareness research?

The results showed that the campaign was easy to understand, with a clear message which told people that Bordeaux Wines go well with their favourite meals. Increased exposure to the campaign resulted in a stronger propensity to consider Bordeaux Wines - with 4 out of 5 who had seen all ads stating they were likely to consider Bordeaux Wines. The majority of the key messages were much more likely to resonate with those who were aware of all the ads, rather than those who'd only seen 1-3 or none at all.

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