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Here’s an example of how we achieve this...

"radioGAUGE – turning radio's and radio advertiser's fortunes around"

radioGAUGE has become the industry standard tool for measuring radio effectiveness and optimising creative efficacy. This single piece of research is demonstrated to have transformed the fortunes of the industry and, across 2009, played a crucial role in driving radio's first growth in share of advertising revenue for five years.

The problem…

"An increase in accountability expectations = increased churn amongst radio advertisers"

With a ready availability of campaign outputs such as page views and click-through rates, online advertising has fundamentally shifted advertisers expectations of accountability from individual media. This has had a knock-on effect on investment into all other non-TV media i.e. those not effectively measured by advertiser funded tracking studies. From a radio perspective, this was the major factor contributing to a 100% increase in "churn" away from radio between 2004 and 2007.

radioGAUGE is the radio industry's response to this challenge - a large-scale, ongoing, radio campaign effectiveness measurement tool designed to reduce "churn" amongst a wide range of radio advertisers by making the medium more accountable, at both a national and regional level.

The solution…

"Make radio the ultimate outcome-based accountability medium"

The ambition of radioGAUGE is simple: provide every radio advertiser with evidence of the impact of their radio advertising and how to improve this via creative development. Like many online accountability metrics, this is provided free-of-charge to the advertiser. More importantly, unlike a large proportion of online measurement, radioGAUGE provides effectiveness-based outcomes for the advertiser (e.g. changes to brand consideration), rather than media-based outputs (e.g. page impressions).


"Economies of scale & flexibility promote wide access and provide relevant benchmarks"

Recognising that many radio bookings are made at the last minute, radioGAUGE is run at the post-campaign stage enabling it to accommodate even those campaigns booked at short notice.

By using a consistent method and reporting structure, and measuring three campaigns every wave, the commercial radio industry is able to sustainably provide free radioGAUGE research to clients at both a national and regional level - so far over 750 campaigns have been measured since launch. This templated approach, together with the sheer volume and range of campaigns measured, also mean that radioGAUGE is able to provide highly pertinent performance benchmarks for every advertiser. Beyond effectiveness measures, radioGAUGE also benchmarks creative performance and provides specific creative development guidance for every advertiser on how to enhance results from their next radio campaign.

The result

"£33m revenue benefit amongst RG advertisers in 2012"

In 2012 advertisers tested on radioGAUGE increased their year-on-year radio investment by 24% compared to their investment in other media equating to a £33m revenue benefit to the UK radio industry. In the UK in 2012 it delivered a return on investment (ROI) of £248 for every £1 invested in research.

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