Nielsen and LOCOG

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London 2012 Summer Olympics event research


LOCOG wanted to monitor overall spectator experience at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. The organisers wanted to check everything was running smoothly at each venue on day 1 of the events.

How did we help?

Our fieldwork division, Field & Fab were fieldwork suppliers to the official Olympic research providers (Nielsen) and provided interviewers with the latest tablet technology to capture spectator opinions and provide real-time data. Over 120 iPads were utilised by our accredited interviewers. We captured opinions on everything from food choice and merchandise availability to signage effectiveness and ease of journey to the Olympic Park.

What were the results of the research?

The instantaneous research enabled LOCOG to react almost immediately to feedback and ultimately improve the overall spectator experience of the games.

If you’d like to find out more about our innovative approach to event research and see how we are running rings around other fieldwork providers, please call Ivor Knox, Managing Director, on 01434 611160 or email