Northgate Vehicle Hire

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B2B brand awareness research


Northgate Vehicle Hire has changed and developed over the last few years, particularly following a major rebrand. From a marketing point of view, the company wanted to gain an understanding of how well the Northgate brand is known, and also understood, across its varied target markets. Northgate wanted to be able to measure current brand awareness and perceptions, in order to support their marketing strategy and the need for a solid marketing budget to carry out that strategy.

How did we assess B2B brand awareness?

We proposed a mixed methodology approach of online and telephone interviews to target the hard to reach B2B audience. Using a mix of client data and members of the Panelbase online panel, a robust sample was achieved across Northgate’s various target business sectors. The results provided valuable insight into their customers, and potential customers, needs and awareness of the vehicle hire market generally, as well as Northgate specifically.

What were the results of the mixed methodology approach?

Jonathan Pearce, Northgate’s Head of Marketing, said “the research had proved very useful and insightful and would help form the basis of his marketing strategy. The results were clearly understood and were well received by key decision makers within the organisation, helping to show the need and direction for future marketing activity.”

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