Taxi wifi research

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Free Microsoft taxi wifi effectiveness


By offering free Wi-Fi in taxis and a variety of ways to connect Ubiquitous hoped to offer brands a unique passenger engagement opportunity (CabConnect). Previous research showed that the concept was sound, but launch partner Microsoft wanted to understand who tried the service and how it affected the perceptions of the brand.

How did we conduct the research?

We employed a bespoke recruitment solution using a two-step validation process to ensure we were speaking to the right people, without interrupting the engagement opportunity. The self-report data we collected augmented the interaction data from the system to give a clearer idea of who interacted, their thoughts on the experience, and the impact it had on their brand perceptions.

What were the results of the research?

Passengers were positive about the experience and said that free Wi-Fi was a great service to offer in taxis. In fact, 58% agreed that they would be more likely to hail a taxi because it offered this service. Not only was the campaign a good fit for the brand, but based on benchmarks from other research led to a much more memorable experience than use of livery advertising alone.

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