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Destination Research

Brandspace is a leading destination media specialist. When they wanted to study passenger interaction with their highly-successful Zurich HelpPoint, located at Heathrow's T1 Departures Lounge, they asked us to help.

We designed a bespoke survey that looked at how passengers used the Zurich HelpPoint, and measured engagement compared with 6-sheets in the terminal.

124 passengers were interviewed in the terminal, and the feedback really made a splash. 47% of HelpPoint users were aged 25-34, compared to the standard passenger profile at 28%. We also found that nine out of ten passengers agreed that the Zurich HelpPoint was more effective than posters for attracting their attention, in the terminal, and made them feel more positive about the brand.

Eye-catching stand design that you really notice in the terminal and the element of human interaction were key to making the activity so memorable. 87% of passengers felt that the activity was effective in delivering Zurich's message: "Here to help your world."