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Sponsorship of The London Underground

Objectives of the sponsorship research

Dipsticks Research was asked to undertake 900 online interviews with users and non-users of London Underground to evaluate the IKEA sponsorship of the tube map and ticket wallet. Millions of commuters regularly use London Underground and the sponsorship was formed around the idea that “Travel is a means to an end. Home.”

How did we conduct the sponsorship research?

To assess the impact, online research was carried out a few months after the launch of the campaign. The sample was divided into equal proportions of 300 regular underground users, 300 occasional users and 300 non-users. They were asked questions on home ownership and media consumption to guarantee that any differences within the sample would be the result of exposure to their sponsorship of London Underground.

What were the results of the sponsorship research?

Although non-users of The London Underground were actually more likely to own their own home, users who saw the sponsorship rated significantly higher on recognition and opinion levels, and were also more likely to say that they would shop at IKEA. It was also clear from the findings that awareness levels and positive consideration of IKEA increased with frequency of tube usage.

For more information, please call Fiona Raglan Raglan, Director and Co-Founder, on 01434 611160 or email


“Working closely with Dipsticks for a number of years now, has meant that they have developed a great understanding of our specific needs as a client. So much so that they have created a mini panel within by collecting detailed profile information on Underground users. This allows CBS Outdoor to accurately target Underground users and quickly assess the effectiveness of media campaigns. With digital campaigns that are time, day and station specific, this profiling information is essential.”

Anthony Waithe, Head of Research, CBS Outdoor